Your Credit Card Information is Secure on the IBEW Local 20 Website

With all the security breaches with Target, and recently Home Depot we wanted you to know your credit card information is secure.

Here is how your credit card information is used on the IBEW local 20 website when you make a payment:

After you enter your credit card information and click the submit button the credit card information is encrypted and sent over a secure gateway to the credit card processing company. This is the only time your credit card information is used, and we don’t keep any records of your credit card details, just the transaction. it’s under the highest level of encryption (same secure (SSL) quality as your online bank uses).

Since credit card information is not stored anywhere on the IBEW 20 website, there is no possibility of this information getting compromised.

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The Tramp Guide is the complete LU National Directory Listings (including United States and Canada). Allows easy searching by Local, City, State and browsing the list. Use your GPS enabled phone to navigate to any LU Office in the country.

  • Navigate to selected listing
  • Initiate a Phone Call (Nightline)
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  • Includes officers (Pres, Financial Secretary, Business Manager, and Recording Secretary)
  • Display ALL locals on map, select a local to display details

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