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Computer Consulting

We pride ourselves in treating your software and hardware just like our own. We give you the advice that keeps your business up and running with the minimal amount of expense. This 'can do' attitude enables you to run your business while we take care of the IT tasks. As a small business, we understand that smaller companies do not have an IT Department and depend on good and reliable service. We approach each customer with the mind set that "we're in it with you" for our mutual success. Having a partnership attitude with our customers is unique in our industry, and we believe is the only reliable way to develop client trust and long term relationships.

At Callow & Company, we value our clients' requests, and we truly believe that you can "use your imagination." Unless there is a bona-fide physical or operating system limitation, you won't hear "that can't be done," either. If you are looking for a honest, hard working 'can do' attitude from a computer consulting company, give us a call. You will be relieved that you did.


Getting everyone together and sharing information is a productive work environment. If you are new to the concept of networking or have an existing network that may need maintenance, we can help.

We are part of the Microsoft Partner program, and have advances on the latest technologies. We can help implement or support your network

Website Design - Hosting

We offer superior web hosting, web design, and off-site data storage. Sure you could get your hosting from dozens of places. That's why we are different. We give you personal service, on time delivery, and can design your web site to your specifications.

When we help you develop your site we truly take it on as if it were our own. Contact us for more details.

Programming / Web Applications

At Callow & Company we pride ourselves in developing from your perspective, i.e., before a single line of code is written, we will have a complete understanding of the tasks and operations that are important to you. Following initial discussions with you and your staff, we will prepare an outline of the goals and objectives you have identified are necessary for your custom software program. You will have an opportunity to review this outline to ensure that no objective has been overlooked or misunderstood. Upon approval of the outline of objectives, we will prepare a conceptual design for your review and approval. This design will include proposed screen lay-outs, and report mock-ups. During this phase, we will also identify fields that require calculations, validation, or supervisory overrides. A well planned application should eliminate input errors that can erode the profits of your company, and, it is our belief that a well planned application will be one you will be using for years to come.

The above philosophy is so important to Callow & Co. that we have made a commitment to our customers to never charge for the initial consulting time with you. Rather, we view it as time invested to fully understand our clients' operations and custom application goals and objectives as well as time invested to convey to our customer our mission statement. . Working, and training with your staff is part of the overall project as well.. We work with you on your application to make it the best it can possibly be. When we say to "Use your imagination" we mean it.

In our over 25 years of experience we will help guide the process and avoid costly pitfalls. We work with you to help you achieve your goals.

In conclusion, at Callow & Company we know we are not your only computer consultant choice, but with our experience and positive attitude, we firmly believe you will be pleased that you made Callow & Co. your ultimate choice.

Data Services

Data design and translation is required on all sorts of projects. When a new software package is purchased, existing data will, in all probability, need to be translated and imported into the new package.

At Callow & Company we have the experience to translate your information. Here are some areas we can help you with:

  • Industry standard formats to custom formats
  • Normalizing existing database structures
  • Importing and Exporting for accounting
  • IRS formats
  • EDI Consulting

Give us a call with your data translation project and we'll be happy to give you a free quotation.

Program Support

Some clients have software developed and the original consultant is no longer available for program updates or changes. We can help you with this frustrating dilimena. With experience in many legacy DOS programming languages and the majority of MS-Windows based languages, we can give you a free, no obligation, estimate on your automation requirements

Hardware Support

Special requirements do not always mean deep pockets, or hours of costly research. We recently had a client that wanted to use custom name badges for their employees and touch screen technology to track individual employee productivity and manage overall employee capacity. . With our resources and the ability to create the software, this client is realizing this operational/managerial goal. We are positive we can help you to achieve your goals, too. Whatever project you have or are envisioning , we can help you..